Introducing our slogan "representing the past, present and future"

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Dotnsquare - our vintage vision

At dotnsquare we believe that vintage clothing is not something that only makes you look unique, but is our future represented in a piece of history. 
We don't use our slogan 'representing the past, present and future' lightly. Vintage clothing is the past,  in this present, for our future.
You can recognize us by our hastags #dotnsquare, #reusetoreduce, #talkinboutaclothingrevolution, and #representingthepastpresentandfuture. Feel free to tag us in your stories or post (thank you!), together we spread our love for vintage and our world!



The past.
Every vintage piece we have in our collection has a history. The item has been on a journey to eventually reach you, passing maybe one or more owners on that road. That is why when we see a spot, a mark, a hole in one of our items, we connect it to this journey. It's hi'story'. What you call a spot, we call a story.
At dotnsquare we praise the time that before the 'fast fashion' trend found its 2nd gear, the quality of the clothing items was something! When you hold a piece of vintage you know that it will last. That feel of quality garment between your fingers is an experience that has become rare, since the H&M's and Zara's conquered our shopping streets. We believe we can learn from the past to shape our future.

The present.

'Fast Fahion', the whirl wind that demands new collections every other day, and its consequences reached our news 5 years ago due to the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. Inhumane working conditions in unsafe factories. 5 years forward and  the Corona crisis exposes the big brands again: cancelling orders, leaving the garment workers in the cold. Their profit before the lives of the garment workers that make their clothes. Our clothes. 
Movements like Fashion Revolution voice the growing need for transparency and accountability: "who made my clothes?" The current practices of the fashion industry resonates less and less with a growing group of 'consumers who care'. Consumers like you.
Connected to this shift in mindset is the interest in the reuse of clothing. And we are happy to help you in the search for that unique item!
We believe in #reusetoreduce and our aim is to give as many clothing as possible a second life or a third or as many lives as possible. We do this online via our instagram/this website and offline via local pop-up sales in the region of Maastricht.


The future

Many exciting developments are happening in the clothing industry in the area of recycling. Chemical recycling of cotton can give you viscose and mechanical recycling of cotton, added with virgin cotton, can give you recycled cotton yarn. Brands like MUD jeans are pioneering and representing our future in this area. 
Polyester, however, a common used fabric in the 'Fast Fashion', is polluting the possibility of recycling as this 'oil based' yarn is just next to useless. The mixing of types of yarns, often done to make the garment cheaper, decreases the possibility of the garments being recycled to create new yarn. The quality in general of these garments makes their life cycles for reuse drastically shorter. 
We 'represent the future' as the clothing from the 90's and earlier show that they are made for a life time, quality fabric aiding reuse. We believe that by appreciating that quality, this will also aid the growth in the making of quality garments.  Moving away from linear product design to circular product design.  

We are happy that you made it to the end of this story, our vision. Enough talk and sharing thoughts. Let's start reusing and sharing our love for quality clothing. 

Team dotnsquare


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