Trying out jeans in the safety of your home 

We have many jeans in stock!
DM us or book a vintage at your doorstep moment for us to drop by and bring you a bunch of jeans for you to try on!
We can assist in finding you the right size etc. We are happy to help.

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How to measure your size.

The safest way to know if a vintage jeans will fit you is to compare it to a jeans of your own. Lets start measuring!

What do the letters mean?
A: waistline
B: hipline (we measure this from just underneath the pocket to pocket)
C: total length (we don't measure this)
D: inseam


With the pictures of the jeans you'll find the measurement of the Waistline (A), hipline (B) and inseam (D).
If any questions, email us or DM us!