Vintage at your doorstep!

A corona proof service, bringing the Maastricht vintage to you.

Have you always dreamt about having a "vintage clothes shop" coming to you? With that also some help to advise you on how to style? And feeling relaxed and safe with this Corona proof vintage experience?
We have the solution for you!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 16.00 - 17:00 and 18:00 - 19:00 we will bring the vintage to you.

How long is this at home fitting moment?
You have approximately 1 hour to try it on. 
This means that we will around the time slot you booked we will be at your door. We will drop the bag with items off and move on to the next address.
In the meantime you can try the clothing on in your home. Approximately one hour later we will ring your doorbell again to pick up the items you don't want. Hopefully one or two items are the winners and you can pay when we pick the items up.

Location: The location would be at your home. Be sure you have a mirror at your place to have the best fitting experience. 

Bringing the shop to you.

You can choose 10 items from our website and we will bring the clothing to you at your home. 

A service that is Corona proof, brings the vintage to you in a sustainable way on our dotnsquare bakfiets and is a fun experience for you during these uncertain days!

Does this service cost money?
The first trial you book is for free! 

The second time you use our service we ask you to purchase a 4,95 euros voucher. This voucher can be used straight away when we drop by at your doorstep or keep it for another time if you do not buy anything at first.

Payment of the clothing is possible at your doorstep via cash or via a card reader we carry with us. 
We accept debit card, VISA, American Express and Mastercard.

The steps to get us to your doorstep!
How it works:

1) Sign up for a timeslot via this Calendly link.

2) Mention your favorite 10 items on our website you are interested in. You can mention them by their number.

3)  Also tell us in the comment section in Calendly your size and describe us your style: we will bring for you 2 extra surprise items which align with your taste.

4) Is this your second time using this service?
Get your voucher via the same link or down here below.

5) You are ready to try on your favorite clothes!

Why the voucher?

See it as shipping costs, but you keep your money's worth (you can still spend it).  A small amount with which you help our service and brand grow!

- online voucher worth €4,95
- to use in the webshop or at the 'vintage at your doorstep' service
- After your purchase you will receive a unique voucher code in your inbox within a day. 

To make use of the "dotnsquare at your doorstep" service, are obliged and be able to show you purchased this voucher. 
The first time you use the service, no voucher is needed. The first time using our service, it is for free!

Questions? DM us or Email us.